Cocalmayo Thermal Baths
cocalmayo baths

The Cocalmayo thermal baths are a series of natural hot spring pools located in the Santa Teresa district, in the Cusco region, Peru. They are located in an impressive natural environment, surrounded by lush vegetation and next to the Urubamba River.

These hot springs are famous for their therapeutic and relaxing properties. Many people visit them to enjoy a hot bath after hiking or traveling the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. In addition to relaxing, these waters can help relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation.

Access to the Cocalmayo thermal baths is through Santa Teresa, either walking from the town or by car. Once there, you can enjoy the three pools of different temperatures and relax while enjoying the views of the surrounding landscape. It is a popular spot among both tourists and locals seeking a moment of tranquility and rejuvenation amidst nature.

How to get to Colcamayo from Cusco

To get to the Cocalmayo thermal baths from Cusco, you have several options. Here I detail some of the most common routes:

By bus: You can take a bus from Cusco to Santa Teresa. This route takes you through the paved road that passes through the city of Ollantaytambo. From Santa Teresa, you can walk approximately 30-40 minutes to the Cocalmayo thermal baths or take a car from town.

By private car: If you prefer greater comfort and safety, you can hire a private car from Cusco to Santa Teresa. Several travel agencies offer this service and you can request it directly and with greater security.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, comfort and travel time. It is advisable to check updated schedules and prices before planning your trip.

Cocalmayo thermal baths

Hot Spring of Cocalmayo

Hot Spring of Cocalmayo