Chiri Uchu typical dish of Cusco
chiri uchu

Chiri Uchu typical dish from Cusco. Chiri Uchu is the flag dish of the city of Cusco and is prepared at different festivals in Cusco, but mainly on its central day “Fiestas del Cusco” which is celebrated every June 24 and during the Corpus Christi festival.

The expression Chiri Uchu in Quechua means cold “chiri” and uchu is chili, and is deduced as cold chili or cold food that was originally offered to the god of the sun, Inti during Inca ceremonies.

The origin of the flag plant “Chiri Uchu” dates back to the time of the Incas in Tahuantinsuyo. It is said that after the Ayni activity was carried out, each Ayllu took the best of its production to share it with another community. For this reason, the three regions came together: Coast, Sierra and Selva; and they are characteristic of Chiri Uchu.

What does Chiri Uchu contain?

• Baked Cuy: An Andean rodent cooked whole and baked.
• Chorizo: Spicy sausage, usually pork.
• Corn Tortilla: Made with Andean corn.
• Hen
• Charqui: Dehydrated meat similar to charqui, traditionally made from alpaca or llama meat.
• Fresh Andean cheese: A local cheese, soft and fresh.
• Cancha or roasted corn: Toasted Andean corn.
• Algae (Cocha Yuyos): Algae from Andean lakes.
• Egg cup or Cau Cau
• Rocoto

How to make chiri uchu

Here is the secret to preparing a delicious chiri uchu and turning it into a delicious delicacy to delight your palate.

1. The preparation of the chi uchu dish is very easy, this delicious recipe starts cooking a day before, we prepare the roasted guinea pig in the oven, then the chicken is boiled, the jerky in a pot, then it is chopped and placed in one container, the corn flour tortilla, is prepared the same day.
2. Now we place the pieces of cheese, blood sausage, tullan and the rocoto strips in a bowl.
3. To serve, we place the canchita or corn tortilla as a base, on top we place the chicken, guinea pig, cured meat, cheese and chorizo.
4. Finally we decorate with the cochayuyo, fish egg cups and the rocoto strips.

Enjoy this flagship dish of Cusco, an icon of Cusco gastronomy.

Chiri Uchu

cusco chiri uchu

chiruchu cusco