Palcoyo Mountain Rainbow in Cusco
palcoyo mountain

Palcoyo Mountain Rainbow

The rainbow mountain Palcoyo is an alternative to Vinicunca “Mountain of 7 colors“. Palcoyo receives very few travelers, since it is still not as well known as Vinicunca, but for those who have already visited they say that it is a unique and unforgettable experience, and very happy to have visited another mountain of colors.

How to get to Palcoyo


To get to Palcoyo you must first travel by car approximately 3 hours to the district of Combapata, take into account that you must turn left before reaching the town. There you can see the Checacupe bridge, a suspension bridge that was manufactured by the Quechuas. Once there you must travel for 1 hour by road until you reach a parking lot. From there you can see the colorful mountains, then at a slow pace, approximately 45 minutes to reach the Palcoyo mountain.

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Mountain Palcoyo vs Mountain Vinicunca (Mountain 7 colors)

Palcoyo Vinicunca
Physical difficulty Low High average
Duration of the walk From 1 to 2 hours (round trip). From 4 to 6 hours (round trip).
Maximum height 4.900 msnm aprox. 5.000 msnm aprox.
Best time to visit April to September April to September

Palcoyo how to get there

For the travelers that are going to make this tour it is advisable to bring: warm clothes, waterproof clothing, trekking shoes, snack, water, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and gloves for the cold.

Before making this tour you must have an account that is not allowed for people with problems caused by altitude, pregnant. And if you travel with children it is preferable that they are older than 15 years.

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