Mountain 7 colors or Mountain Rainbow in Cusco
montaña de 7 colores

Mountain Vinicunca

Mountain 7 colors or Mountain Rainbow in Cusco: Cusco is one of the most beautiful cities in Peru and the world, and also has magical colors, beautiful and beautiful landscapes. And if you want to visit this beautiful city you can not miss the opportunity to visit the Rainbow Mountain or Mountain of seven colors. It is also known as Vinicunca, Wininunca or Cerro Colorado.

The Rainbow Mountain is at the foot of the Nevado Ausangate. This snowy mountain is considered the fourth largest mountain in Peru with its 6,380 meters high. The official entrance to the Rainbow Mountain is through a small town called Pitumarca “province of Quispicanchis – Cusco region”.

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How to get to the mountain of 7 colors

To get to the mountain of 7 colors or rainbow mountain you must board a vehicle from Cusco to Pitumarca. The trip lasts around 2 and a half hours and goes on the road Cusco to Puno. Arriving in Pitumarca you will have to go through several farming communities like Ocefina, Japura, Hanchipacha, until arriving at the community of Pampa Chiri, and that is where you can start the walk to the Mountain of 7 colors.

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What does Vinicunca mean?

Vinicunca is the indigenous denomination of the Rainbow Mountain in the heart of the longest mountain range on the planet (7,240 km). Vinicunca (winicunca) means “mountain of colors” in Quechua (rune simi).

Is it difficult to walk to the mountain of the 7 colors?

As every walk always has its disadvantages but to go to the mountain of 7 colors you must be in good physical condition. In itself the tour to the mountain of colors is not very hard, however the route is not easy due to the altitude. Now you also have the possibility of renting horses and the prices are from S / 30 to 80 soles (10 to 25 US $), this will depend on the time you want to travel the road on horseback.

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Trekking Mountain of 7 colors

Maximum height 5000 msnm aprox.
Weather Height, with low temperatures
Technical difficulty Half
Physical difficulty High average
Distance Around 12 kilometers (round trip)
Duration From 2 to 4 hours, according to the pace of the walk
Best time to make the route From April to September, dry season. Best time: August.
Walking trails Marked
Entrance ticket USD 5

Route to the mountain of 7 colors

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