Calendar of feast and festivals of Cusco 2022
Calendar of feast and festivals of Cusco 2019

Calendar of feast and festivals of Cusco 2022, knows all the celebrations of the cusco 2019 that starts from the month of January to December. Official chronogram to know all the parties of Cusco 2019 and thus be able to visit this beautiful city. Cusco is one of the most important cities in Peru and receives a large number of foreign and national tourists every day.

Cusco Festival Calendar 2022

Month of January

January 6: Bajada de Reyes; Traditional Cuzco party that ends the traditional Cusco Christmas. It is a party where you can observe and learn more about the religious festival in Cusco.
bajada de reyes

Month of March

March 3: Cusqueño Carnival: The Cusco Carnival is undoubtedly one of the funniest parties in Cusco, where thousands of tourists and people from Cusco gather in the parade ground to celebrate and play carnivals. You can also see dances and comparsas celebrating carnivals, a traditional festival that you can not miss.

carnaval cusqueño

Month of April

April 18 and 19: Holy Week: Easter in Cusco is a traditional festival where you can appreciate the most important events in the Christian world, which commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Holy Week in Cusco has as central day Holy Monday (the day after Palm Sunday) date that leaves in procession the Patron Pattern of Cusco, the Lord of the Earthquakes.

Cusco the city of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire celebrates Holy Week by paying homage to the image of the Lord of the Earthquakes or Taitacha Temblores, in Quechua. A party where you can learn more about the customs of Cusco.

semana santa en cusco

Month of May

May 3: Feast of the Cross or Cruz Velacuy; The celebration of the Cross in Cusco, begins on May 3 and is usually celebrated throughout Cusco and its surroundings. In this feast the cross is worshiped.

fiesta de la cruz

Month of June

June 16: Lord of Coyllority; One of the religious festivals in Cusco with a lot of tradition, the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Mr. de Coylloritti takes place every year in the month of May or June, the date is not exact due to the Andean calendar. In this celebration thousands of devotees visit the sanctuary of the Lord of Coyllority. To visit the sanctuary you must go with a lot of faith.

señor de coyllority

June 20: Corpus Christi Cusqueño; The Corpus Christi Cusqueño is the most important religious festival of the city of Cusco and begins with the entrance of the saints to the cathedral of the city of Cusco, accompanied by mayordomos, faithful, bands of musicians and dances. On the central day there is a lavish procession of the fifteen images of saints and virgins from the same number of parishes in Cusco. This is the ideal month to visit the city of Cusco and know all its customs and also try typical dishes of the city.

corpus christi

June 23: Festivities of Cusco; The festivities of Cusco begin very early where all the institutions, schools and organizations present typical dances of Cusco as a tribute to the festivities of Cusco. The Plaza de Armas of Cusco is the main place for this event.

fiestas del cusco 2019

June 24: Inti Raymi: The Feast of the Sun; The famous Inti Raymi is the festival that is celebrated to the Sun God of the Incas, a festival where the Inca tradition is revived and celebrated since the time of the Incas. This celebration has as main point the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, located north of Cusco. If you want to see this show it is necessary to reserve a space and thus be able to appreciate the inti raymi 2022.

inti raymi 2019

Month of July

July 15: Virgen del Carmen-Paucartambo; The feast of the Virgin of Paucartambo is a celebration that takes place in the province of the same name and where most foreign and national tourists travel to this beautiful city to appreciate this beautiful party as it attracts many parishioners and visitors of all parts of the world leading the way through the town and its 12 groups of dancers that radiate faith, charm, color and joy.

virgen del carmen

Month of August

August 1: Pachamama; The offering to the Pachamama is a tradition in Cusco, where you can observe different rituals for the Pachamama (Mother Earth). An Andean ceremony whose fundamental origin is the relationship between the Andean man, specifically the peasant, and the mother earth or Pachamama.


Month of September

September 8: Feast of the Virgin of the Nativity; This party is celebrated in the district of Santiago Cusco. The Cusco people and visitors pay tribute and honors to the Blessed Virgin.
virgen natividad cusco

September 14: Lord of Huanca; The festival of the Lord of Huanca, is celebrated every September 14th where thousands of Cusco visit the sanctuary to make their pilgrimage. It is characterized by having a massive pilgrimage of devotees from Cusco and part of South America.

señor de huanca

Month of December

December 24: The Santurantikuy; The Santurantikuy is celebrated every December 24, a fair where you can find a lot of Cusco folk art. Also known as popular art fair, in which the Quechua word says it all: Santu (saints) and Ticuy (sale).


December 31: New Year: Receive the new year in the City of Cusco, Machu Picchu.

año nuevo 2020