Turquoise waters of Muñapata

The turquoise waters of Muñapata are located south of the City of Cusco approximately 1 hour away. This natural tourist attraction is made up of wells with turquoise waters and a small canyon that highlights its natural beauty. These pools of turquoise water are located very close to the Urcos district.

Turquoise waters of Muñapata

Best Time: The best time to visit this tourist attraction is in the months of May to October (Season where there is not much rain), so you can enjoy its beautiful color and beautiful landscape.

Hike: The walk to the turquoise pools of Muñapata is gentle but there are sections where you must be very careful since you can see cliffs. The local residents have built small bridges and handrails to facilitate access to the turquoise waters of Muñapata.

What to bring: Light clothing, trekking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, hat, water and snack.

How to get to the turquoise pools of Muñapata

To get to the Muñapata pools you can choose to take private or shared mobility.

Shared: There are buses that leave from Cusco, in front of the regional hospital on Av la Cultura. From that point you can board the Bus from Cusco to Urcos, the trip costs between 5 to 10 soles. Once in Urcos you can take a car to take you to Muñapata and from that point you will have to walk approximately between 30 minutes to 1 hour, everything will depend on your physical condition.

The entrance price to the turquoise pools of Muñapata is: S/ 7 for foreigners, S/ 5 for national tourists, S/ 3 for Cusco and S/ 3 for children. And its opening hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Private: If you want a more exclusive service this would be the best option, and you can request your mobility from Cusco to Muñapata with: Cusco Transfers or Cusco Transportation, both companies offer this service for foreign or national tourists. The ideal is that they pick you up from your hotel and wait for you during your visit to the turquoise waters and then return to Cusco, you can take advantage of making a stop at the giant hand of Huaro.

Turquoise waters of Muñapata Turquoise waters of Muñapata Turquoise waters of Muñapata