Cusco festivities guide and calendar
cusco intiraymi

Cusco festivals for months

The first week of January shows typical births in the churches and houses of Cusco. January 6 is celebrated the Descent of the Three Kings.
Carnivals whose date of celebration is movable is celebrated by making Yunzas and people have the habit of playing with balloons stuffed with water. The carnivals of the Sacred Valley are the most crowded and fun as the people present different typical dances of these dates.
Holy Week whose date varies according to the lunar phase is made between March and April. The procession of the Lord of the Tremors takes place on Holy Monday and is one of the most important events of faith in the city, thousands of believers gather in the Plaza de Armas to receive the blessing of the image.
In May, Cruz Velacuy is celebrated, the day of Catholic crosses in Cusco. The festival begins on the night of May 2 and lasts until May 4. On the night of the 2nd, the houses that have a cross veil it throughout the night and the dawn.
The Feast of the Lord of Qoyllurit’i, whose temple is located at the foot of the mountain of Sinhakara in the Ocongate causes thousands of parishioners to make a pilgrimage on the central day of the festival. The Corpus Cristi, which takes place nine weeks after Holy Week, has processions of virgin images and saints from almost all the temples of the city escorted by parishioners who organize dances and comparsas. In the center of the city fruit of the season is sold, in addition to Chiri Uchu which is the typical dish of the festival. June 24 is Cusco Day and it is on this date that the Inti Raymi Festival takes place, the main representation is made in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman. On June 29, the Festival of San Pedro and San Pablo is celebrated in the parish of San Pedro in Cusco and in the districts of those names of the province of Canchis.

cusco inti raymi

The great religious festival of the Virgin of Carmen is celebrated on the 16th in the town of Paucartambo.
The Warachikuy is the Feast of Inca Initiation, it is represented in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman and the performance is exclusive to the students of the National College of Sciences, one of the most emblematic schools in Cusco.
The Festivity of the Lord of Huanca summons thousands of Catholic faithful on the 14th in the town of San Salvador where the temple is located. On 30 September, the patron saint of San Jerónimo is celebrated in the district of the same name.
The 4th is celebrated the Festival of San Francisco in Tinta, Urcos and Maras.
The first day of the month remembers All Saints Day. People visit their dead and cemeteries are flooded with hundreds of people. The traditional food is the suckling pig and it is customary to eat the popular bread wawa (wrist form) and bread horse (horse form), in addition to exquisite corn tamales.

Cusco Paucartambo

• On the 19th is the Gastronomic Festival in Andahuaylillas.

• On December 24th, the Santuranticuy fair (La Compra de Santos) is held, where handicrafts and all kinds of items are displayed and sold in the Plaza de Armas del Cusco.

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