Abode of the Gods Cusco
abode of the gods

The abode of the Gods or also known as Apukunaq Tianan of Cusco is located north of the city of Cusco. It is a very beautiful tourist attraction that you can visit, since it is located very close to the center of Cusco, in the town of Sencca.

This modern venue has artistic decorations and large sculptures. In this attraction there are dozens of sculptures dedicated to the Inca and Andean gods. Some of these sculptures are up to 10 meters high, and among the main buildings are the puma, the three-dimensional door, the protective Apu or God Wiracocha, the Pachamama and the viewpoint.

Abode of the Gods

The abode of the Gods is located 8 kilometers from Cusco in the district of Poroy and to get there you can take a bus, or hire some mobility.

Private mobility: Several travel agencies offer the transfer service from Cusco to the abode of the Gods, and one of the advantages is that they take you to the place, they will wait for you so you can visit the site and later return to Cusco. Some agencies recommended mountain vinicunca and cusco private transfers. And if you also want, our travel agency can help you with your visit to the Abode of the Gods, just contact us via WhatsApp.

Bus: You can go to the Puente Rosario bus stop to board the Expreso Santiago bus, the cost is 1 sol and the approximate trip will be 30 minutes. You must go to the end of the bus stop in Poroy and then take a bus (2 soles) or take a taxi (10 soles) and it will take approximately 10 minutes.

Generally one of the most recommended options for foreign or national tourists is a private service. For the security and comfort you will have during your visit to the Abode of the Gods.

Cusco Abode of the Gods

abode of the gods cusco abode of the gods cusco abode of the gods